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Frequently Asked Questions



1. What products are in the Cadbury Festive range?

• Cadbury Dream Cinnamon Crunch 150g
• Cadbury Dream Coconut & Hazelnut Bliss 150g
• Cadbury Dairy Milk Butterscotch & Crushed Almonds 150g
• Cadbury Dairy Milk Festive Gingerbread 150g
• Cadbury Whispers® Snowballs 200g
• Cadbury Milk Chocolate Santa’s & Reindeers 100g

2. Where can I find the Cadbury Festive range?

The Cadbury Festive range is available in major retail stores countrywide and online with links on our website to Checkers Sixty60, Spar 2U and PnP ASAP! app

3. What does Give a Little Thanks mean?

The festive season is a time for spreading cheer and celebrating acts of generosity. We are surrounded by people who embody the spirit of generosity and deserve a little appreciation for making the world a better place. So, write a heartfelt thank you message to someone who has made your year extra special. There’s a Glass & A Half in everyone.

4. How do I Give a Little Thanks to someone?

Visit, and participate by saying thank you to someone special, by navigating to the “PARTICIPATE” buton at the top of the campaign page or the “GIVE THANKS” button above the video on campaign page. Follow the 3-step prompts and send your personalized heartfelt thank you message via whatsapp or social media, to show appreciation to someone who has embraced the spirit of generosity.

5) What Is the Cadbury GeneroCity Map?

See how generous acts are lighting up your province or city on the Cadbury GeneroCity Map. The more acts of generosity there are, more the map will light up!

6. Where can I find a Cadbury GeneroCity Studio

Immerse yourself in a Cadbury Festive experience at a Cadbury GeneroCity Studio in December at participating malls on the following dates:

  • Mall of Africa: 12 – 18 December 2023
  • Gateway Theatre of Shopping: 19 – 24 December 2023

7. How can I win a wiCode voucher to purchase a Cadbury Festive Product for the person I sent a Heartfelt Thank You to?

For a limited period, participants stand a chance to visit the Cadbury website, by sending a Heartfelt Thank You to someone who has made your year that much sweeter. Once you’ve sent your Heartfelt Thank You, and verified your email address, you may be eligible for a voucher. If you qualify for a voucher, you’ll receive an email with further instructions. T&C's Apply

8. Can I enter via social media?

Only entries on the website, are eligible for a standing a chance to win the voucher.

9. What can I do with the voucher and when does it expire?

• Once a participant has been identified as a winner, the potential prize winner will receive an email from Cadbury which will contain a wiCode voucher to be redeemed for purchase of any Cadbury Festive Range Product, and gifted to the person who their Heartfelt Thank You was sent to. T&Cs Apply

• The wiCode voucher will expire 31 January 2024 and may only be redeemed at a PnP for purchase of a Cadbury Festive Range Product, up to the value of R50.00. The Cadbury Festive Product Range can be found here NOTE: please hyperlink the word here to > (

10. How do I redeem my PnP wiCode voucher?

To redeem your wiCode voucher, take your wiCode voucher with your chosen Cadbury Dairy Milk Festive Range Product or Slab to the cashier, show your wiCode: #WICODE to the cashier to redeem. Advise the cashier that you are paying with a wiCode. Provide the 9-digital wiCode to the cashier at point of purchase.

11. Does the voucher expire?

If you are unable to use your voucher, for any reason, before 31 January 2024, the voucher and relevant documentation will be forfeited and the prize will no longer be valid.

12. What happens if I have an error message when I get to the cashier, to use the wiCode voucher, when purchasing a Festive product for the person I sent a Heartfelt Thanks to?

Possible Error Message for invalid wiCode:

· “Invalid wiCode.”

· “wiCode not reserved.”

· “Invalid Token.”


· The cashier entered a wiCode which resulted in an invalid wiCode error

· wiCode was entered incorrectly

· wiCode has already been redeemed

· wiCode expired

What the cashier must do:

· Re-enter the wiCode, if it still does not work, please log a tick with Yoyo support -

· Re-enter the wiCode, if it still does not work, please log a ticket with Yoyo support -

· Cashier to read the message displayed on POS to the customer. This message will also print

on Till Slip

· The customer must request a new wiCode from the campaign provider if allowed. Reasons

could be Customers missed the validity period of the campaign.

Possible Error message for Redemption

· “Voucher cannot be redeemed at current merchant.”


· wiCode is not valid to be redeemed at that store.

What the cashier must do:

· The voucher can only be redeemed at a Pick ‘n Pay store.