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Cashew Coconut Choc Macarons

How many Cadbury Cashew Coconut Choc Macarons does it take to make you say ‘mmm’? Just one (Although you definitely won’t stop there)

Rum & Raisin Cheesecake

Who would have thought that rum & raisin flavoured cheesecake would taste this good? You’ll wonder how you’ve lived without it. Yum-ilicious!

15 mins

Cadbury Tumbles Raisin Tumble Carrot Cake

We’re raisin’ the bar on carrot cakes with a tantalizing take on a baker’s classic. One bite and you’ll tumble head over heels in love.

30 mins

5Star Chunky Fudge

What do you get when you mix something chocolately, something chewylicious, something caramelly, something delicious? A 5Star fudge experience like no other.

45 mins

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Give your taste buds a hug with every sip of this sinfully decadent hot chocolate creation. Just in time for the chilly season ahead.

10 mins

Dreamy Lunch Bar Squares

These golden-brown squares are so delightfully dreamy you’ll want to pinch yourself. A must-have for lovers of white-chocolate.

15 mins

Creamy Cadbury Choc Mousse with Biscuits

You’ll either love it, or you’ll really love it! Rich, airy choc mousse with crunchy biscuit pieces and a hint of coffee to round off this unforgettable indulgence.

30 mins

No Bake Mint Choc Pie

If you love the minty fresh taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Crisp, you’ll love this no bake mint choc pie. Sharing is optional.

15 mins

Bubbly Mint Croissant Puffs

You’ve never had a croissant quite like this before. Crispy and golden-brown puffs with a minty chocolate finish that lingers long after the last crumb.

15 mins

Astros Peanut Butter Bars

There’s a supernova of texture and flavour in every bite of these scrumptious Astros Peanut Butter Bars. Simply divine!

20 mins

Bubbly Cheesecake Ice Cream

What has only FIVE ingredients, but ALL the deliciousness of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate? Bubbly Ice Cream, that’s what. ?

15 mins

Lunch Bar Caramel Cupcakes

A Cadbury Lunch Bar twist to a cupcake classic, otherwise known as the Much, Much More cupcake because after one bite, you’ll be begging for more. Much, Much More.

20 mins

Caramel P.S. Strawberry Kisses

We wouldn’t kiss and tell, but some things are too good not to share, like this recipe for a lip-smacking strawberry delight that’ll set tongues wagging.

15 mins

Cadbury Tumbles Shortcake Coffee Crunch Parfaits

You’ll be wishing for a bigger spoon when you tuck into this coffee-licious parfait sprinkled with Cadbury Tumbles Shortcake.

20 mins

Salted Dark Chocolate Date Truffles

Dates kissed with Bournville is a dark chocolate lover’s delight!

45 mins

Mint Choc Shake

Shake things up with this mint chocolate milkshake.

10 mins

Bubbly Oreo Mug Cake

What do you get when you combine the sweet Joy of Cadbury and the Wonder of Oreo? You get never-ending Wonder-filled Bubbles on your taste buds.

5 mins

All-in Cadbury Oreo Shake

It’s called the All-in Oreo Shake, because you get to delight your taste buds all-in yumminess from the first sip right down to the last.

15 mins

Dreamy Blueberry Muffins

Our Dreamy Blueberry Muffins are the stuff all sweet dreams should be made of. One bite simply entices the next, until there’s nothing left.

40 mins

5Star Crunchies

We simply give this scrumptious creation 5 stars, because it’s THAT delicious! How many stars will you give our 5Star Crunchies?

30 mins

Astro-nomical Chocolate Brownies

A tasty nibble of these mouth-watering brownies will take you to chocolate heaven. Are your taste buds ready for the ride?

40 mins

Crunchie Choc Cheesecake

It’s the cake that’s all about being ‘cheesy’, but in a scrumptious, crunchy way. When you’re done with one, you’ll find a reason to make another.

2 hrs 30 mins

Marvellous Popping Cookies

What’s popping? Nothing, but our Marvellous Popping Cookies. You’ll want to share the joy these cookies bring with a friend or two, or three.

30 mins

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Fondant

They’re the Fondants you’ll have no choice but to be fond of. Spongy on the outside – a dripping chocolatey centre on the inside. Simply delish!

45 mins

Marble loaf cake

What’s for dessert? Your answer should be our Marble Loaf cake; delicious Cadbury chocolatey bits that will make dessert, oh-so delish

45 mins

All Star Rocky Road

You’ll want this sweet trip to be as long as possible, because it’s paved with absolute deliciousness. One bite and it’s a one-way trip to joy.

30 mins